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Automotive Electrical.

Genex is the Auto Electrical brand of Auto Parts Group, providing quality automotive electrical components, safety lighting, rotating electrical and consumables. Our specialist sales and product development team are available to provide technical support and advice.

Why Genex is part of OUR ADVANTAGE

GENEX, like all our brands, benefits from the connections and buying power that being part of Auto Parts Group provides. Being able to source quality components is not an easy task for companies seeking to import from overseas and it is only through our years of experience and quality control that we have built a large catalogue from only the suppliers we know and trust. Genex deals primarily in rotating electrical products and the accessories needed for them to function; these are the components that customers need fixed right the first time. This is why it pays to deal with a brand like Genex that is committed to quality aftermarket and OEM electrical components.

Genex has the range and the quality of product to compete with the major distributors. Talk to us today to see how competitive we can be for you.

We Offer a No-Fuss Warranty

Your customers can be kept happy as all our Genex products come with a No-Fuss Warranty as standard. Our knowledge of the product quality means we are confident you will not have to use our warranty service.

A Comprehensive Range

We can take care of all your quality and budget requirements with our range of aftermarket and recognised OEM brands.

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